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Ketsukhun / 43 / Жена
안녕하세요 저는43살일본여성이에요 한국어를공부해요 아직 잘못하지만 잘부탁해요 Hi friends. I'm 43years old. I'm studying korean. I can't speak well But plz be my good pal. Ofcourse othercountry pals welcome
Yamato / 35 / Мъж
Hi,my name is Yamato,i'm Japanese. Please be me and a friend. I'm waiting for a mail. Hobbies are soccer, an animation and manga. e-mail LINEID 08145708
Genki / 25 / Мъж
Hi, I come to Malaysia from Japane in this year. I want to hget a new relationship and comunicate with you. And also I try to improve my language skills with someone. And I hope you to feel free to contact with me. Tha
Mika.M / 33 / Жена
Nice to meet you! For beginners who are English, I am looking for a friend who is sociable. I am interested in Japanese and would like to teach English! Thank you (* '∀ `) ♪
8U / 28 / Жена
Hello : ) My nickname is 8U(Hachiyu). Born in Feb. 1989. I live in Hokkaido, Japan. I have been to some countries, but I studied English in Canada for one year. Personality..honest ? I am looking for persons w
Rose / 17 / Жена
Hi Im Rose:) I wanna make a global friends, learn English,and know about various culture or anything in other country If you want to be a friends with me, send me email or kakaotalk or instagram direct! You can anytime:
LADYCHRISTY25 / 25 / Жена
I like to be open with people and try to stay positive and merry in life making it brighter. Besides, I like to work and get results from what I do in life because then it makes sense.
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