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Cuardach chara pinn Torthaí : 7135

Erwan / 17 / Fireann
An Fhrainc
Hi i'm Erwan from France I'm 17 years old and student in High School ! I would like to discover every kind of cultures, especially Asia. I'm interested in photography, sports and music. I would love to learn new lan
Azu / 17 / Baineann
An tSeapáin
Hello! I’m a Japanese and 17 years old. Please call me Azu. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) I’ll teach you Japanese.
yumi / 22 / Baineann
An tSeapáin
Hi. I’m Marin.I’m 22 years old. I’d love to make friends who are from other countries. My English isn’t good so I hope someone help me! I could teach Japanese if you want to learn! Thank you!!!
Minako / 20 / Baineann
An tSeapáin
Hi I'm Japanese and I need teacher that English, French, Spanish, Germany. Cause I will go volunteer to long time, so I seriously need these languages communication skill. But welcome to another languages, I like learn
Mauro / 44 / Fireann
An Iodáil
Sono moltissimi anni che ormai vengo in Giappone, più di 15 anni e la mia passione per questo paese non cambia mai, non si finisce mai di scoprirlo. Cerco amiche e amici che mi facciano imparare e amare il Giappone ancor
Jade Van Dieman / 19 / Fireann
An Afraic Theas
I don't care who you are I will speak to you and I will even meet if possible.i I'm friendly, adventurous adolescent willing to learn and try new things I am excited to meet you whoever contacts me. We can learn about
Chiharu Hayashi / 53 / Baineann
An tSeapáin
看護師です、 主婦で15歳の子供がいます。 国際的な話がしたいです。
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