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Cagatay / 17 / мужской
Hello everyone,I want to find new penpals,If you want to meet me you can write me
Junko / 40 / женский
Hello! It's nice to meet you all. Im Junko A Japanese tv program that I watched before reminded me of exchanging letter when I was  teenager. And now I want to have pen pals again!  About me:  I work at a pump manufa
Miyuki / 28 / женский
Ciao!Sono Miyuki. Ho ventotto anni.Sposato e due figli. Sto pensando di studio a breve termine all’stero ogni in Italia. Mi piace il caffe’ e bar. Dica l’italiano. Saro’ io ti insegna il giapponese.
김철주 / 30 / мужской
Корея, Республика
Hello I am looking for a friend to do language exchange with.안녕 친구들~^^나는 서로 언어교환 할수있는 친구를 찾고있어^^ Kakao talk ID : wiov Face book : (messenger O)
Hiroko / 33 / женский
Hello, I'm Hiroko from Japan. I'm learning English and I wanna make friends speak English. I'd like to exchange cultures with people from all over the world.  And I'm happy to teach Japanese if you want.
Hano / 16 / женский
 I wanted to actually use English I was learning and registered. Japanese correction is also possible. My hobby is playing games. Others are interested in animation and manga. (If you are doing it in 3.4 years, I can und
Brenea / 15 / женский
Соединенные Штаты
Hi, I'm 15 and from the U.S. I was looking for people to talk to who are around my age.
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