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Dopisovanie hľadanie Výsledky : 7094

yumi / 45 / Žena
はじめまして^^ 外国の友達を作りたくて 投稿しました\(^ω^)/ 英語が苦手で、日本語を 話せる外国の人だと嬉しいです。 英語など、教えてもらえたら 有難いです〜^^ よろしくお願いします^^
Diene / 25 / Muž
I am studying english at university and i really wouldlike Simone with whom i coule practice everytime
kahee Lee / 16 / Žena
Kórejská republika
Hi i'm korea girl😁 plz come up to me!!😙😙
Colin / 1 / Muž
Hello motherfucker ? Nice to meet you Email to  45 male  Gay  Also love lesbian
Hikaru / 22 / Muž
Hi!! Nice to meet you!! I'm Hikaru. I'm Japanese and live in Osaka!! I'm interested in foreign cultures,so I want foreigner friends that talk culture each other!! And I'm studying English and Italian! So I hope my langu
Sierra / 19 / Muž
welcome to my profile!  I wanna make a flends. and keep up the conversation long period  and intersted in foreign culture.  I’d like to imprve my English more.  feel free to send me a masege.  And i hope  talk anyon
Lidya Fransisca / 17 / Žena
Hii, my name is Lidya. i'm 17 and i'm indonesian. i want to make some friends and improved my foreign language. so let's be friends!
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