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Auwoso Mariko / 30 /
Completed Technical College in 2013,Mechanic
Jo / 28 /
Hello.My name is Jo.I am 28 years old Japanese man.I live in Akita. Here beautifully bloom cherry blossoms in spring.and it will snow in winter. My hobby is reading and watching movies.I want to find a good friend
Soohyun Jeon / 29 /
Hello, there!! My name is Soohyun Jeon.  I live in Seoul, Korea and I'm a 29 year-old-female.  My hobbies are playing the musical instruments (piano, violin), listening to music, watching movies, and learning other
Cara / 14 /
Hello! Nice to meet you. My name is Cara and I'm from America. I'm currently learning Korean and Spanish but I'm open to learning anything about your culture. If you need help with English, I'd be more than happy to help
Yukiko / 30 /
Hello from Japan! I'm like to learn foreign culture and exchange letter. I started to looking for pen pal for pleasure on my spare time. And, tobrush up my English. Of course, exchange in Japanese is OK.  Feel free to
Yayoi / 27 /
Hello,Nice to meet you! My name is Yayoi. I'm a 27years-old Japanese woman. My hobby is play game and play the flute. I want friend take about game. I'll be  waiting for your e-mail. Yayoi
Devpisco / 22 /
Je me nome pisco,suis sénégalais agé de 22 ans Suis dans le site pour faire de nouvelles connaissances Pour diversifier les différents cultures En sus,de pouvoir améliorer mes compétences linguistiques
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