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Hikaru / 22 / Maschio
Hi!! Nice to meet you!! I'm Hikaru. I'm Japanese and live in Osaka!! I'm interested in foreign cultures,so I want foreigner friends that talk culture each other!! And I'm studying English and Italian! So I hope my langu
Sierra / 19 / Maschio
welcome to my profile!  I wanna make a flends. and keep up the conversation long period  and intersted in foreign culture.  I’d like to imprve my English more.  feel free to send me a masege.  And i hope  talk anyon
Lidya Fransisca / 17 / Femmina
Hii, my name is Lidya. i'm 17 and i'm indonesian. i want to make some friends and improved my foreign language. so let's be friends!
정혜림 / 33 / Femmina
일본어는 서툴지만 일본인 친구를 사귀고 싶습니다. 잘 부탁 드려요~~♥♥
jun ichi / 68 / Maschio
In fact, when I consider my age Because I can not act actively as I was when I was young I think that the range of friends' companions will become narrower For example, even if you think about topics A gossip about t
Katie / 24 / Femmina
Hey. My name is Kat. Quite a talkative type of a person, who loves to share stuff and is a good listener at the same time. I'm looking for friends over SKYPE (only). And only as AUDIO communication. I am happy to comm
RunaTakase / 14 / Femmina
Hi, of the world everyone! I want to send letter for you! I interested in world. Let's exchange of letter(*^^*)
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