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Park Yukyoung / 19 / Femmina
Hi!My name is Yukyoung. I can speak English and Chinese. I want to meet many friends! send to me many massage!
britana / 26 / Femmina
Burkina Faso
Just looking for simplicity. Mature and responsible. Looking for any local or area connections for simple outings like movies, beach and of course eating out. Also looking for pen pals or any man(s) that would just like
宋明炫 / 23 / Femmina
皆さん、初めまして(o^^o) 東京て留学してるソンと申します。 日本で2年半くらいです まだ日本語が上手じゃないので、ペンパルを通してコミュニーケーションしたいです。 中国語は学校で中国の友人に教えてもらってますが、普段は独学で勉強してます! いつか話せるようになって中国の人とペラペラ話せたいです! 中国人の皆さんと日本人の皆さんのメール、お待ちしております! 안녕하세요 중국어를 잘 못해서 한국어로 씁니다. . .
chona / 35 / Femmina
Hello dear,I'm not use to chat here and i will like us to know each other more better and be close friends,can you write me in my E-mail
Kyuri / 20 / Femmina
Hi my name is Kyuri. I'm from Korea. I want to write snail maileach other:)
İlayda / 12 / Femmina
Hello  I'm ilayda . 12 years old . I love you south korea .
Ihsan Wanfora / 19 / Maschio
Hi! Im ihsan I like japan and korea I would like to find a new friend across the world. If you want to be my friend, you can add my social media line : ihsanw23 Instagram : ihsanw_ Kakaotalk : ihsanw23 Facebook :
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