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Jenny / 32 / Feminino
I´m Jennifer 32 from Germany. Animal lover and Vegetarian. I´m searching for penpals WORLDWIDE for SNAILMAIL. Its okay to send Emails between the letters but I find snailmail so much more personal. It would be grea
Yuki / 32 / Feminino
Hello. I live in Hawaii. I'm a single female. I speak English and Japanese! If you are interested in me, let's talk together Hawaii life japan life and anything. feel free to contact me. Thank you for reading my pr
siera / 19 / Masculino
welcome to my profile!  I wanna make a flends. and keep up the conversation long period  and intersted in foreign culture.  I’d like to imprve my English more.  free to send me a masege.  And i hope  talk anyone  I
Mio / 20 / Masculino
Hello! I'm Mio and 20 years old. I'm Japanese male. I'm a student. I want to learn English. I write a computer program There is a time to be in trouble. I solve it in English site because I want to be able to
yumi / 45 / Feminino
はじめまして^^ 外国の友達を作りたくて 投稿しました\(^ω^)/ 英語が苦手で、日本語を 話せる外国の人だと嬉しいです。 英語など、教えてもらえたら 有難いです〜^^ よろしくお願いします^^
Diene / 25 / Masculino
I am studying english at university and i really wouldlike Simone with whom i coule practice everytime
kahee Lee / 16 / Feminino
Hi i'm korea girl😁 plz come up to me!!😙😙
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