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Jasmine / 17 /
Hello,my name is Jasmine.I am a 17 years old girl from Taiwan.I don't speak English very well and I want to learn japanese.I love animate and drawing.Welcome to send a e-mail to me if you want to make a friend.
siera / 20 /
hello! now i serching for a friend to exchange the e-mail continueing long span. i want to foreigner friend. i wanna talk about anything topics. Please feel free to talk to me!
SU HYUN / 14 /
Hello! my name is suhyun park. just call me suhyun. I live in Korea and was born in 2005. I want to exchange letters with my age in England. I look forward to hearing from you by e-mail. 안녕하세요!저는 2005년 생이구요, 저랑 같은 또래
yuu / 26 /
Hello, I'm Japanese I can not speak English but I want to become able to study and talk People who like Japan If you are interested in Japanese culture, let's talk Your reply may be delayed, but please Words may be f
大久保照子 / 75 /
Garin / 10 /
Hello. I am Garin. I am Korean. I am 12 years old in Korea but 10 in America. I will be 11 years old on November 22. I love singing and dancing. My favorite subject is music. My favorite colors are pink, lavender and sky
Claire / 13 /
Hello, I'm Claire, a student from China. Of course, Claire is my English name, you can also call me gao. I want to meet friends in all countries. I can speak Chinese and a little English.If you wang to make friends with
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