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kouki / 19 /
welcome to my profile!  I wanna make a flends. and keep up the conversation long  and intersted in foreign culture.  i want to travel around the wold someday  I’d like to imprve my English more.  free to send me a m
Taufiq Hippy / 22 /
I am a student at the State University of Gorontalo, precisely in Indonesia, I often play games, social, and joking, I like to exchange culture, information about my area is still very beautiful. if anyone is interested
Eddy Bak / 31 /
Hello, Currently, I am working as a Flight Simulator Engineer with Pilot in Korea. I want to know various country's culture & friends in English and Japanese. Even my English not so good, I try to communicate wi
lauryn / 17 /
Hiya my name is Lauryn !  I'm 17 years old and am a college student studying Photography in the uk. I'm mainly looking for Korean pen pals as I am currently learning Korean and want a friend I can chat to in Korean to h
yuu / 26 /
Hello:) I'm 26 years old. My English skill is poor... I want to study more and make friends. Bacause I want to know many things about the world. If you wanna study Japanese,I'll teach you;)
Takahiro / 29 /
I would like to make friends in order to improve my English skill. I am waiting for your e-mail to me. I can teach you Japanese, so please teach me English.
홍경택 / 19 /
Hello~ i'm korean college student^^ i'm 99line and i like treveling and movie and riding bycycle~ i'm really interested in japan
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