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남난희 / 50 / Female
제 친구를 소개합니다. 그녀는남난희 입니다, 여성이구요 별명은 노처녀 히스테리 입니다. 내친구는 성격이 자주 변해서 감당못하여 남친을 만들면 혹시나 소개합니다 1:1 있을땐 다정한 그녀 어럿이 있을때 괴롭히는 기질이 있어요 왜냐구요? 누구나 사람들은 자기만 바라보고 좋아해주고 나하고만 놀기를 원하며 꼭 자신만 차지하고 싶은 욕심은 누구나 있어요아기들처럼 가끔은 울기도하고 그것말곤사람이든없든
Liamisuu / 21 / Female
Hi Friends, i'm lia from jakarta, my hobby is watch movies, listen to songs and some covers of piano and kalimba instruments, i also really like design and making my own clothes. I like to meet new , because I think it's
Jeongin / 11 / Female
Hello!my name is jeongin im11years old.but my korean age is 12years old
moyuru / 27 / Male
How do you do, everyone? My name is moyuru . I produce games and character designs in Japan. Recently, I started to produce VTuber. I am good at making illustrations. I love horror movies and I want to make a horror gam
Yoko / 40 / Female
+818061401481 sms
Yoshiko Nawano / 67 / Female
はじめまして 私は日本の埼玉県に住んでいます 私は英語初心者です 日本語を勉強している人と友達になりたいです もちろん、出会い系は求めていません 真面目に日本語を勉強している人と 友達になりたいと思います
Yuji / 37 / Male
I'd like to learn English more here. So communicating in English with you and improving my English is my main purpose for me to be here. It's so great to talk with you, and know each other. Also if you've learned Japa
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