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Tsukishiro / 34 /
Hi, my name is tsukishiro. Nice to meet you. I wanna some foreign friends, and register here. Would you be my friends? And some day if we could meet, lets drink alcohol together. Of course if study Japanese I'll
Miele / 15 /
Hello! I'm a 15 year old girl living in Japan! I'm looking for a woman aged 12 to 22 who lives abroad and can get along with me! I can't speak much except my mother tongue, Japanese. Still, I want to make friends with
finch-fletchley / 35 /
i love j.k.rowling's novels. harry potter,casual vacancy, cormoran strike and etc. is there anyone who loves those stuff? by the way, i do AIKIDO and wanna live in canada someday.
Z750 / 1 /
Your email address, cacao ID, wechit ID please tell me. cacao ID wxid_cdmwc819pk282
Tomo / 24 /
I'm an university student at Kyoto. I registered this site because I have nothing to do. If you want friends, comrades or boyfriend, give me a message. (when you have no alternative.) I can give you something ordinar
Brooklyn / 13 /
I'm Brooklyn I would like to talk to someone 13 or maybe 14 I really like music and reading. I also like sports.
000 / 40 /
안녕하세요.반갑습니다. 저는 새로운친구 만나는걸좋아합니다. 인터넷친구도 환영합니다.오래전부터 네이버에서"새친구사귀기카페"가입하여 인터넷친구에게편지를주고받으며한적도있습니다.네이버카페에서닉네임은"대학동창00이(키보드영어로) 여성이며AB형이며 키는보통 162cm이며남부지방쪽에살고있습니다.닉네임대학동창00이...이걸로쓰는이유는 아무도쓰지않는 독특한닉네임 흔하지않는걸하고싶었습니다. 특이하게
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