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Penpal haku Tulokset : 7771

K / 25 / Mie
Hey,guys(^O^)/ I can speak Japanese,Korean and a little little English. I thought I wanted to cherish this opportunity. If you want to study Japanese or if you are interested in Japan, please contact us. If you don't
Noa / 16 / Nainen
Hello! My name is Noa. I'm a Japanese student and 16years old. I live in Hokkaido. Do you know Hokkaido? I have twitter, hangout, whatsapp and Line. I like music so much. But I don't know foreign music a lot. Pleas
Cleanexesy / 26 / Mie
All services offered by our business in New york city, carried out both on a one-off and on a lasting basis. Any type of added can be selected by consumers just independently. In the work of a cleaning firm in New York,
mayu / 34 / Nainen
I am the mother of three children. I have a son who loves basketball (NBA), a daughter who likes TWICE, and a son who is sweethearted. I have traveled from Japan and never traveled abroad. But I have always been very i
Hiroki Yasue / 33 / Mie
I’m Hiroki. I came to learn English because I needed to use it at work. My hobbies are road bikes and surfing. Thank you.
Kevin / 27 / Mie
Hi my name is Kevin It's my first time trying the pen pal thing and I am from Ireland love love the accent on southern girls in the USA it is so attractive A few of my hobbies and likes are anime, photography, and
exesy / 31 / Mie
Päiväntasaajan Guinea
Наша знаменитая компания готова предоставить услуги по реконструкции и очистки водопроводов современным методом гидродинамической прочистки на новейшем оборудовании. Использование такого вида гарантирует восстановление ф
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