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zhuo / 47 /
Hello, My name is Zhuo, I'm living in Tokyo, am here to make friends from all over the world and to learn more about your country and culture. There are a lot of things I don't know, I like reading books and travelling t
Masami / 27 /
Hi! My name is Masami. I want foreign friends, so i made this accunt. I also want to help your studying Japanese.(i'm not good at English) Please send me a message feel free^ ^
bhella permata / 17 /
hello! i'm bhella, i wan't to study about koreans language, or other's, so let's me your friends and please teach me about your language
Menekşe / 18 /
Hello.My name is Menekşe 18 yarata old.I am from turkey
dahye / 19 /
Hi, I am a high school student living in South-Korea. I was born in 2001 and Im 19 years old in Korea age.I hope we can communicate and get close. If you want a handwritten letter, please e-mail me your address.😀
Myself / 22 /
Let's be friends ... If you want to know me Send me a message
Tomy / 45 /
I am not good at English. So I want to make friends to study English while talking about each other's hobbies. And please teach me English. I can teach you Japanese instead.はじめまして。日本の出版社に勤務しています。早稲田大学教育学部国語国文学科卒、アルバイトも国語
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