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Clara / 14 /
Nice to meet you,(^o^)/ My name is Clara, I'm 14 years old. I'm from France. I like listening music, read, drawing, cooking, learning languages, discovering new culture and watching movies. I can speak Japanese,
Foreigner in Tokyo / 54 /
こんにちは 私は54歳で東京に住んでいる男性ヨロッパ人です。 日本人女性が大好きです。 I am an European man looking for a Japanese woman to share friendship and more. よろしくお願いします
monogacha / 33 /
Hello, I live in Japan. I am looking for friends I am also looking for people to talk because I am also studying languages. Please feel free to mail me. こんにちは、 日常会話や語学勉強をしてみたく登録しました。 宜しくお願いします。
Eriko Babazono / 45 /
I am looking for friends who I can do language and culture exchange! 
Naoko / 20 /
Hello!My name is naoko! 日本に住んでいる20歳です。 私は歌うこととメイクが大好きです。 アニメとゲームも好きで特に「刀剣乱舞」が好きです。 音楽はK-POPや洋楽をよく聴きます。 Skype,LINEをやっているので気の合う方話しましょう!
신경은 / 18 /
안녕하세요 반가워요^^ 저는 해외에 있는 친구들을 많이 사귀고 싶은 한국인 신경은입니다. 대화도 많이 하고 편지도 주고 받으면서 친해져요 그럼 기다리고 있겠습니다
Ken / 25 /
===English=== Hi, I'm Ken from Japan. I'm looking for international friendships and more. I'm an artist and enjoying my life of freedom! I've experienced many international relationships with white girls, so you don't
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