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Derby / 17 /
A Ghanaian and wants to make friends around the world
孟丁伍 / 12 /
I am a boy from China, I like to make friends, especially international friends, Let metell you a little bit about myself. I'm 12 .I like swimming  and  i   like  singing,too.Do you want to be my friend?Below is my conta
정헌철 / 28 /
名前はheon-cheolと申します。 世界を開かれた心で見ることが好きで 日本の女性アイドル、アニメ、日本野球をとても好きです。 日本の野球はyomiuriを一番好きです。 菅野と坂本とても好きです。 乃木坂46とhkt48を愛します。 以前には何人のメンバーが好きたが、最近はすべてのメンバーがいいですね。 I like Japan, but I also like making other foreign friends
Kim Han Ah / 24 /
Hi everyone! my name is Kim Han Ah. I live in Korea. I'm 24years old. my hobby is watching movies, reading a book. I don't speak english well. But I can your good friends. :) I want to talk to you a lot. Please conta
Ri / 18 /
Hiya! I’m Ri, an eighteen year old self taught artist in the UK. I’m animal obsessed and love everything and anything disney. I love marvel (Loki especially) horror movies, riverdale, and big mouth. I love a load of diff
Anaïs / 15 /
Anaïs 🌙 🌸 Otaku 🎶 BTS A.R.M.Y ~ BLΛƆKPIИK BLINK ✍🏻 Drawings 💃 Dance 🌍 France ✈ One day I will go to Japan and South Korea
최은석 / 15 /
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