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Kaori / 33 /
Hi, I am Kaori. I am a 33-year-old woman living in Japan. I am looking for friends. Let's talk various things ‼︎
Kimyoung / 25 /
很高兴见到你。 我在学习中文 ^^ 我想跟你学习语言 我住在首尔。 !
Kayo Ito / 48 /
Hello. I'm living in Tokyo, Japan. I want to learn about any languages and cultures of different countries. I went to a language school in England when I was young. But over the years, my English has been forgotten, so I
Rumeysa / 16 /
Hİ!! Send a message if you want to meet with me.
Sol / 24 /
Hello I'm Sol. I come from Argentina. I would like to learn about other cultures and also improve my English. If you have any doubts about Spanish just ask me without problem.
fumi / 32 /
Hi! I’m fumi. I want to speak English. If you like Japan, I would appreciate your favor. Please become pen pal. I like traveling and sports.
Nisa 니사 / 12 /
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