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Şevval / 17 / Nainen
Hi ! Brief overview: Şevval, 17-year-old Turkish. Beautiful, curious, I'm open-minded... I guess I can talk about everything! Music, science, I love reading and writing... I want to obtain a pen pal. I'm here for that
Cindy / 39 / Nainen
39 years old woman from the Netherlands looking for snaimail friends to practice my English. Love the nature and animals.
Emi / 32 / Nainen
Hi! My name is Emi. I'm 32-year-old female from Japan. I'm stadying English now. I want to make friends and improve my English! My hobbies are listening to music,watching Anime and etc... I love animal! It m
nao / 60 / Mie
Nice to meet you. I am studying Japanese teachers. I have been to Korea, China, Thailand, Philippines, Taiwan.
ken / 23 / Mie
Hello. Im kenichi. I attend college. I like swimming and muscle training. I also like animation and manga Also, I am not very good at English. Let 's make friends with me if you can speak English. thank you for reading.
bhella permata / 17 / Nainen
hello! i'm bhella, i wan't to study about koreans language, or other's, so let's me your friends and please teach me about your language
Menekşe / 18 / Nainen
Hello.My name is Menekşe 18 yarata old.I am from turkey
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