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nanano / 25 / Vrouw
Hi!I'm nana. I live in Japan. I want to make friends with people all over the world. Talk to me casually! I like taking photos,watching the stage and drawing. I'm also looking for film swap!
M.Maroof / 14 / Man
I want to make friends who will be sincere with me.I am a badminton player and a Taekondoist.I am in 9th class/grade.
Kaye / 19 / Vrouw
Hello ^^ I want to find friends here that I can share anything like culture and more :) anyone is welcome and I'm really glad if we can be friends :)
りく / 17 / Man
손진갑 / 30 / Man
안녕하세요. 저는 네이버 다음 사이트에서 "친구사귀기 카페"를 이용하는 남자입니다. 나이는 올해 30살 이며,노총각이며, 사는곳은 경기도 살아요, 이제는인터넷으로 연락하는 인터넷친구보다 현실에서 만나서 이야기하며 친구로 지낼 이성친구 만나고싶어요.
Austin / 30 / Man
얘기 나눌까요?
salla / 20 / Vrouw
hello to the world,i am Salla a 20 years old girl studying nurse in Ghana here, i love to help and make everyone happy in life and i will be happy to meet friends in the globe to learn many things about each other and th
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