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Erkut Claudiu Ozeklioglu / 21 / Мъж
Hello, I'm Erkut Claudiu Özeklioğlu. 21 years old, I was born in Romania, I live in Turkey for 10 years. I'm dealing with theater. I want to find new friends. social media: Instagram:ErkutOzeklioglu Snapchat:er
dragon haze / 45 / Мъж
Telegram: dragonhaze Wickr : dragonhaze Mail : We are one of the leading pharmaceutical manufacturer specialized in researching, exporting and manufacturing research chemicals . We also now ac
Melida / 28 / Жена
こんにちは、 初めまして、私はメリダと申します。フランスの女の人です。 日本が好きですから、日本語を勉強しに決めました。大学に3年ぐらい日本語を勉強していました。あそこにたくさん物を学びました。文化、歴史、習慣...とても面白かったです。 今年の3月から私は和歌山で家族と一緒に住んでいます。しかし日本語はまだ上達していません。日本語で上手になりたいから、話せる人々と探しています。 よろしくお願いします。
Berlin / 12 / Жена
Haii My name is Berlin, I'm 12 years old I come from Indonesia,
Erynn / 16 / Жена
Hi! My name is Erynn and I'm French. I'm an high schooler. I started learning Japanese 4 years ago (but I'm still a beginner). I really like discovering new cultures and travelling. I would love to speak with you! If y
Seoyun / 15 / Жена
Hi! My name is Seoyun. I'm not good at English but I want to make foreign friends and want to learn not only english but also the other languages. I like to draw some characters and my daily life. And I also like to take
shae / 16 / Жена
Hi! I’m new to this whole penpal thing, I would love to learn and meet people around the world, I’m a major KPOP and anime fan, I love food from other countries but haven’t tried all, i love traveling too but haven’t bee
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