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Mia Timberlay / 36 / Жена
A kind and sympathetic girl who looks at this world with a smile. I am always ready for new discoveries, especially if the discoveries are connected with love. I like to cook and put things in order around me. It is impo
Chanchala Suraweera / 23 / Жена
Шри Ланка
Hi..I'm a university student. I am looking for a foreign friend to improve my English language. And also I'm interested to know other countries' beautiful places. If you like to be my friend, send me an email.
Grace Hill / 23 / Жена
I want love, happiness, caring 
Satsuki / 15 / Жена
Hej! I’m interested in Swedish culture,food,nature and language  So I would like to learn Swedish🇸🇪 If you want to I could teach you some Japanese:) Let’s be friends! Feel free to talk to me 
Yenifer Rodriguez / 15 / Жена
Hi, I'm Yenifer and I like to make new things avery day.
Shin / 35 / Мъж
Hello, Thank you so much to see my profile. I am Shin and Japanese man. I am married and live in Chiba prefecture. I am looking for the friends who can speak English. I can use English however I want to improve sp
Kanami / 28 / Жена
Hello, I'm Kanami. Nice to meet you. I am a female who live in Japan. I am curious to make FEMALE friends, also I'd lovd to know your culture and your languages etc!! I can write messages in English and Japanese(i
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