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tamys / 43 / Female
United States
my name is TAMMY please write through my private email [ ]i have something important to discuss with you through email,,,
NaKa / 36 / Female
Hello.I am married woman who live in Japan.I want to improve my English since I still can't watch movies in English without subtitle. I want language exchange by email,chat.And if it's possible,maybe meeting up sometime
Allen Quinn / 50 / Male
United States
I hope to share good friendship with you. What do you think?
みほ / 16 / Female
日本人です。 アニメやグルメの話が大好きです! 気軽に話したいです!!
beomwoo park / 22 / Male
hollo~ my name is beomwoo park but, you can call me bom. now I am living in korea and going to university in my hometown. what I like doing are playing soccer, painting and games. oh I am also interested in pet because
Magda / 37 / Female
Isle of Man
Hello. I would love to find some international friends. I am vegan, proud rabbit owner. I love to get to know about other cultures and kitchen from all around the world. I like music, spending time with my spoild ra
Ai / 25 / Female
Hi, I am Ai. I live in Nara, Japan. I am an English teacher in Japanese junior high school. But I'm not good at speaking English. I'm interested in culture in other countries and I like talking with someone. I want f
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