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손진갑(닉네임:갑이) / 10 / Male
안녕하세요 저는손진갑입니다 나이는 비 공 개이며 연락주고 받을 여성 찾습니다. 제 취미는 인터넷 펜팔 /편지(메일) 쓰기 입니다 이제는 안합니다 이젠 네이버 인터넷 친구카페 찾기보다 현실 친구 찾아요,인터넷카페에서는 닉네임으로 갑이 라고사용합니다
Adil / 21 / Male
I know Russian, Kazakh languages
Alex / 12 / Male
I'm looking for an interesting person to chat with to brush up my English. I'll be glad to receive any letters.
bbzexesy / 32 / Male
У нас вы найдете Обслуживание очистных сооружений, а также ббз, мы можем произвести Строительство кессона. Бурение артезианских скважин, Геологическое изучение недр, Обслуживание систем водоснабжения. В нашей фирме
heart / 47 / Male
Hello! I am learning English and playing piano via Internet. Presently I'm looking for new friends! My hobbies are music,movies,reading books and drawing pictures etc. Cheers!!
Onur / 32 / Male
Civil Engineer
jessica / 30 / Female
United States
My name is  Jessica Meir , I am US military/Nasa officer currently in Libya now
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