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Mina Iguchi / 27 / Female
I’m Mina. I live in Japan,Kanagawa. I learn English and French. So, I’m looking for English and French e-pals. Let’s exchange emails! Don’t hesitate email me.
Quentin / 16 / Male
Hello, good evening ^^ My name is Quentin I am 16 and I live in France. I wish I could talk to    Japanese boys and girls of my age. I would like to have Japanese friends for a trip to Japan. I am gay and I  am a
jiwoo / 18 / Male
Hello I'm korean. I am not good at Japanese, so I want to have a friend who can teach me Japanese. I wish I could talk a lot and have a long-term friend! I can kakaotalk with Line! Please send me an e-mail!
Zanny / 35 / Female
United Kingdom
Hello friend, How are you doing today hope you are fine? Sorry for my disturbing you but i advice you listing to me, I really need your help, For more details please kindly contact me on my Email: ( zanebajohnson@gmail.
sinata / 24 / Male
Im japanese. I learining English. My hobby is manga anime game.
Chris / 43 / Male
United States
I am looking for a lasting email friendship. I am open to all discussions. I am honest. I will always try my best to be honest and open with you. I try to be open minded and understanding. I am a big believer in respect
Dürdane / 17 / Female
Hi !My name is Dürdane.I want to get new friends.                  I’m interested in Spanish and your language
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