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Rizal / 25 / Male
Hi, I'm Rizal. I'm seeking somebody to communicate with in English, make friends and to share about cultures, hobbies, dreams or life. Also, my English proficiency is still at C1 level, so yeah my English still needs i
Chris / 36 / Male
United Kingdom
Hi. I'm Chris from UK. I like to draw and paint. I Like mostly old rock bands. I don't really care how old you are too.
rei / 21 / Male
Hi,I'm just a japanese student. I love manga, movies and TV shows. I am looking to make many foreign friends. Please send me an email from any country.
Fumiko Saita / 50 / Female
I'm52 yearsold female living in Fukuoka Japan. I want to know about you, your country and your culture. I want you to give me some messages.
Cecil / 28 / Male
I'm humble and caring loving guy here to make friends and something beautiful.
kubochin2011 / 43 / Male
Nice to meet you! My nickname is kubochin201 🤡🤡 I am a Japanese living in Japan. I play the guitar every day. Japan is summer now ☺️☺️☺️ Thank you...  はじめまして!私のニックネームはkubochin201です🤡🤡日本で暮らしている日本人です。毎日ギターを弾いてます。日本は今は夏です
Rob / 56 / Male
United States
I am a 56 year old Tall Male 6’10” looking for a  female pen pal who is into DDLG Domestic Discipline type of relationships and a lady who understands her place is to serve her man and keep her man first in her life! She
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