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ratatou2 / 28 / Mie
Hello I'm from South Korea and my town near to Seoul(maybe In case of Japan looka like Machida) I can speak Korean and English but Japanese speaking is poor but I wish better cos I wanna meet Japanese friends 안녕하세요 서울
Sue / 21 / Nainen
Hi~ Nice to meet you! I'm 21years old. I'm going to foreign country for work. But my English skill is not good..:( So I want to improve my English skill. Please help me! And If you want to learn Korean, I can
Hanisah / 77 / Nainen
I can speak and teach English and Bahasa Indonesia fluently. I am woman with a strong desire to help or teach people, but this dream cannot be realised as a result of my ill health condition which does not improve, hence
ikuo / 38 / Mie
Nice to meet you. I wanted to know Korean people and registered. I am interested in Korean culture, taught me a lot, talk and want my friends. I hope we can visit each other country for fun. I hope I can do LINE if I get
hiro / 40 / Nainen
Vorobey / 32 / Mie
Down with all the banal! Do you want to talk about something that is really excites you? About something that goes beyond daily routine? About something mysterious, mystical or just unusual? About personal meanings? Abou
Jennifer / 30 / Nainen
Hello. I am Jennifer. I can not speak English, but I want to study English. I am Korean and if we become friends, I will tell you about Korea. Also, I want to know your country.
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