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ERI / 37 /
I love moomin, music and pro wrestling…etc I'm still learning English . I'm looking for pen pals all over the world! Would you like to exchange real letters with me?
ljoo / 60 / Férfi
おはようございます 私たちが生きていく上で最も重要なことは、心温まる出会いです。 本当の意味で私たちの人生が寂しい時 力になってくれて勇気を与えることができる出会いです。 友達として気軽に旅行して美味しい店で一緒に食べて話せる友達になってください。 素直で情が深いです。 プロフィールを見てくださってありがとうございます。
ジュン / 51 /
muhammad afzal / 30 / Férfi
Hi, welcome to my page, i am AFzal From pakistan i am Businessman i do own Business of clothes women and men i haved Travel Few countries of the world. uganda .Tanzanya. Sudan . Sri lanka . South Afrca .Germany.italy
Lily 0823 / 16 /
Hi guys! I’m Lily! I’m looking for friends who speak English perfectly. If you speak English and interested to me, feel free to contact me!!
mamboo / 50 / Férfi
Hi my name is Mamboo from Japan.i'm salesperson of electric devices. i like to travel, wstchong movie and practice Kendo. l wanna to make foreign friends
Cornelia / 26 / Férfi
I’m studying Communication in the university. I want friends from all over the world. I am from a family of five: father, mother, a brother and a sister. My father is in car sales business and I am often told that I tak
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