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Märta Adefowora / 14 /
Hello I am a 14 years old girl who wants to make friends all over the world. I’m in the 8th grade, and like to draw. I study a few different languages and is happy to learn more. And if you would like I can teach you som
Andrea / 30 /
I live in Hungary, and I would like to find someone, who can help me to improve my english :) Nevertheless, I would like to know other country's culture. So, meet new people is one of my target, besides my language skil
Kerry / 18 / Férfi
Egyesült Államok
l am a college student from China and l want to make friends all over the world. Besides, l am font of singing and plying the guitar in my free time, l major in computer science and technology, therefore l can make some
손진갑 / 19 /
안녕하세요저늠손진갑입니다. 네이버카페친구사귀기하였는데 더이사애미없어서 펜팔시적핮니다저늠 네이버 아이디 있는데 친해면 알렫.랑께요.
Paco74 / 45 / Férfi
I am looking for someone who can help me to perform my english.Thank you
Seohyun_:D / 13 /
I live in Korea and I am 13 years old in Korean age My hobbies are drawing and writing letters! I want to exchange e-mails with you, exchange handwritten letters, and exchange gifts with each other 😆😆 I want to make a
Shanyu / 33 / Férfi
Hope to meet someone who are caring and understanding, Whether sorrow or happiness,I'd like to Share every rainday and sunshine with her,I'd like to sing songs for her every morning. Cherish every dream,Cherish everyday
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