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YEON_JUNG(연중) / 45 / Mann
안녕하세요. 저는 YEON-JUNG (연중)저는 대한민국에 살고있는 유머가 넘치는남자입니다 .(네이버 첫 오픈부터 이메일주소 사용하고 있습니다)저는 사람들을 만나는것을 엄청 좋아하며 활동적으로 하는 사계절마다 스포츠하는걸 좋아하며 낚시또한 좋아하고 여행도 좋아합이다 하지만 단점은 같이 이야기 나눌 담소 친구를 찾아요. 항상 귀뚜라미처럼 이리저리 가니 길게 인연을 맺은 사람이 없습니다. 남여
Daisuke / 37 / Mann
Hi, I'm father of 2 children. I'm looking for friends who can speak english because I want to be able to use english. And I can teach Jpanese. Please contact me if you are interested in!
natsu / 27 / Kvinne
Hello. I'd like to make overseas friends. I hope to be able to talk about everyday stories and the culture of each other's country. I also like music, watching sports (especially baseball), fashion and cosmetic, so I
YUMI / 25 / Kvinne
Hello. I'm Yumi. I'm a 25-year-old woman living in Japan. Would you be a penpal if you were good? I want to hear about the culture and food of your country ♡ people who don't care what you send first. I'll write you a re
Aliza / 22 / Kvinne
こんにちは!私は日本在住の日本人です。ゲームと漫画が趣味の学生です。日本語に興味がある方、是非お話ししましょう! Hello!I am a Japanese resident in Japan.I am a student who likes games and cartoons.If you are interested in Japanese, let's talk! pokemon/undertale/mother
김도경 / 25 / Mann
Hi I`m Dokyung in south-korea. And I live in Incheon during vacation. I want to learn english and make foreign friends. I`m University student in Seoul and 3rd grades.
김창우 / 27 / Mann
こんにちは。 私は1991年生の男の人であり韓国人です。 大阪で日本語学校に通いながら6ヶ月間日本語を勉強して 韓国に帰ってきて日本語の勉強しています。 もう一度日本にワーキングホリデーに行こうと準備中です。 日本語で会話する友達を探しています。 韓国語で話したい方も連絡してください。 안녕하세요. 저는 1991년생의 남자이고, 한국인입니다. 오사카에서 일본어학교 다니면서 6개월동안 일본어 공부하고
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