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Thomas / 43 / Mann
Hi there, I write to get away from life, wanting to create my own comfort in my own world, a fantasy but personal and intense emotional in writing together. I seek you female writer that want a connection with a guy like
Nanami Kuwahara / 22 / Kvinne
Hi! I’m Nana from Japan🇯🇵 I'm working at airport✈️  I want some foreign friends☺️ I’m interested in some other countries. So I’m studying English, Korean and German. I wanna get better at speaking them! Please help
Hiroshi Nakamura / 73 / Mann
年齢:73歳 生誕地:横浜市                  仕事:プラントエンジニア (電気計装設備設計 遠方監視制御設備・情報処理設備設計)                       現在:定年退職者                       趣味:PC操作 音楽:主にクラッシックピアノ演奏(中級~上級) 旅行:主にマイカー利用 
Francesco / 50 / Mann
I am a fun loving spontaneous person who likes people with good sense of humor. I think laughter is the key to keeping young and a good outlook.
Jay Sitlhou / 15 / Mann
hello, i'm jay from india and i'm looking for someone who'd be willing to teach japanese. in exchange, i can help you practice your english and/or teach you a bit of hindi (i'm not very good though). although if you
Jennifer / 30 / Kvinne
I'm kind, generous and playful, and appreciate the same in others. I consider myself a gentle soul (not my words), and can be quick witted in the right situation. You can contact me at to know m
BlueCrusherWel / 59 / Mann
I am seeking a fun, affectionate and warm hearted woman to share lots of laughs, conversation and companionship. Ultimately, I want to be in a lasting romance/relationship built on shared values, mutual respect and unden
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