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Mai / 29 / Kvinne
Hello. My name is Mai  I live in Osaka Japan. I want to study English and Korean, so I'm looking for someone to make friends with! please mail me!
Waka / 19 / Kvinne
Hi. I’m Waka from Japan. I’m looking for a language exchangepartner.  If you’re interested in Japan or learning Japanese, don’t hesitate to message me :)
석.지.혜 / 33 / Kvinne
이렇게 이런날씨에 생각나는... 케찹에계란후라이요리를 알려주던스프에밥말아먹는걸 알려주던 그 사람... 동생2명도 잘놀아주는그사람...피아노를잘치는그대 약한자에겐 도벽 강한자에겐 순한양. 아름다운손가락은 주변사람들의물건... 가져가기쉽고작은물건을훔치고큰물건도 가져간것을목격하고살짝열린문틈사이에 자신의주머니에 가져가는걸도봤습니다 그녀가 방문할때마다 물건들이 하나하나 없어져요 돈도 ...
Dai / 34 / Mann
Hello, I'm Dai. I registered you because I want to talk with people from many different countries. My hobbies are travel, photography, movies, animals and books. If it is OK with you, won't you friend with me? I'm no
Anyra / 13 / Kvinne
Hey let’s be pen pals 
Melek / 14 / Kvinne
Hello, I'm Melek. I live in Turkey. I love listening kpop and watching anime.
saint.k / 47 / Mann
나는 현재 일본에거주하고있는 한국인남자입니다. 여러가지 관심사나이야기할수있는,좋은친구를만들고싶습니다.^^잘부탁합니다.I am a Korean man currently living in Japan. I want to make a good friend who can talk about various interests.^^ Please take good care of me. 私は現在日本に住んでいる
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