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tsune / 46 / Man
Hello everyone, My name is tsune. I'm 46 years old. I had read japanese history novel and played badminton,shogi,but I don't have done those. I like learning English to be able to read news or medical papers in Engli
머피 (muffy) / 16 / Kvinna
hi! my name is muffy. (not real name) I'm from south korea. i want to talk with someone.I'm not good at english.. but i will do the efforts. I can help you with your Korean language skills. (may be..) nice to meet you!
masya / 11 / Man
マインクラフトばかりよくやってます。 英語の勉強がしたいので、みんなよろしくね。
Yochi / 23 / Kvinna
初めまして!私はヨチと言います。アメリカの大学で日本語を5年間勉強していて、半年に日本で留学した経験もあります。日本語をもっと練習するために、趣味や日常生活について話し合いたい方を探しています。友達になりませんか?また、何か英語に興味を持っつか質問があればもちろん説明できますよ。 待ってます!
Jim / 39 / Man
I would love to meet some interesting friends from around the world ✍️
akiaki koike / 32 / Kvinna
i am japanese
Chihiro / 16 / Kvinna
I registered because I wanted a friend. I am interested in British culture. I would appreciate it if you could tell me. I like reading, so I would appreciate it if you could tell me the book you recommend. 
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