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Jessica Martinez / 25 / Kadın
Birleşik Devletler
Hello (´・ω・`) My name is Jessica! I'm from the United States (Texas, specifically) I enjoy dancing, anime, music and baking. I'd love to make some international snail mail buddies ♥ Please don't be shy, I would lo
Liza / 15 / Kadın
GM. Hey. My name is Liza and I live in Russia. I really like English as such and I really want to learn it. All sorts of training videos on YouTube and the teacher telling me that I need speaking practice. A pen PAL, act
Mai / 24 / Kadın
Hi, my name is Mai. I want a pen pal. I'm slow at writing letter because English is difficult.
toru / 47 / Erkek
わたしの名前はtoruです。米国、英国、フランス圏内でお付き合いしてくれる方を探しています。 真剣な交際を求めています。 My name is toru. I am looking for someone to work with in the US, UK and France. I am looking for a serious relationship. LINE:6382
Alfa / 20 / Kadın
Hello! ¡Hola! 안녕하세요. Здравствуйте. こんにちは. I'm Alfa from Indonesia. I live in East Java. I studied at the faculty of administration and took the library science study program. I can read Korean characters (Hang
yuzu / 17 / Kadın
hello! I am Japanese high school student👩 I want to make friends😆 if you like please communicate with me🙇‍♀️
sinan / 33 / Erkek
İstanbul Türkiye de yaşıyorum aslen Trabzon luyum ne kadar direnirsen diren son durak karatoprak
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