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July / 24 / Kadın
Hey, if you can share with me, I will be very happy and look forward to receiving your letter!
Maki / 38 / Erkek
Hi, welcome to my profile! I'm a native speaker of English, also speak Japanese not fluently. Looking for a language exchange partner speaking Japanese , willing to share my experience about English . Please feel free t
Carolina / 28 / Kadın
I am Carolina from Portugal. I enjoy baking, cooking, reading, collecting vintage items, watching movies, listening to music and many more. I love art, music and nature. I love vintage 50s-80s items. I am a bit old-fashi
一路有礼 / 26 / Erkek
Young / 14 / Kadın
(ONLY PEOPLE FROM 13-17 PLEASE.) Hello lovely friends!! I am 14 years old girl (very lovely girl indeed 😎) who loves to meet new people! I want to have E-pals from diverse countries to talk to, but snail mails are also
Peter Park / 28 / Erkek
인터넷친구(( / 36 / Kadın
네이버카페 친구사귀기카페에서 만났습니다. 처음엔 일상생활및 학교생활 이야기하고지냈습니다 시간이 흐른뒤 직장생활로인해 바뻐서 일주일에 한번 메잉확인을했는데 너무 무서웠습니다 똑같은메일주소로 스팸메일처럼 엄청 많은메일이 와있었습니다.그래서 친구에게 그동안 직장생활이 바뻐서 집에오면 피곤해서 메일확인을 못했다고 말했습니다. 그래그도 친구가 단1초의시간도 없었냐며 화를내면서 ㅋㅋㅋ 앞으로도
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