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Marco / 47 / чол.
Hi, I'm just here to Talk with someone, friendly and polite. For any questions Ask it. Thanks
Yata / 14 / жін.
Hello! I am not good at English so I use a translator. I'm going to study abroad in Australia and I started this because I want to learn English. I love Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them. I am open to any age. I lo
ken / 49 / чол.
Hello. My name is Kenji. I am 49 years old male. I live in Osaka, Japan. I want to make friends with women from all over the world and learn about various cultures and customs of different countries. I also want to im
ROLZ / 37 / чол.
I am a 37 year old male seeking Japanese friends. I visited Japan and I mainly go to Tokyo. I live near Hong Kong. I was born in Australia from Portuguese parents. I speak a little Chinese and know Portuguese
Cassie Merinar / 12 / жін.
Сполучені Штати
I love reading, singing, drawing, and swimming. I live making lifelongfriends. My favorite color is purple!
Isabella / 14 / жін.
Сполучені Штати
Hello im 14 i like harry potter drawing horse riding etc i want a someone i can be life long friends with and talk all the time and about everything i hope we can be friends talk soon -fang
riko / 15 / жін.
はじめまして 日本在住で職業は…高校一年生です!w 趣味は音楽、カフェ巡り、散歩、睡眠、ヲタ活、アニメ、、など沢山あります 笑 共通の趣味をもつお友達を作りたいのと、女の子同士で日常の話とか恋バナとかしたいです!! 人と話すことが大好きなので年齢、性別関係なしに気軽に話しかけてください 長い間友達でいれたらいいなぁって思います! …………………………………………………………………………… Hi! I live in Ja
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