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ゆうしん / 14 / Mie
Hello! I'm study English. Please talk me!
能代 / 17 / Nainen
気軽にどうぞ。 歴史、主にWW1、WW2関連が好きです。 また、旅行が好きで、週末に遠出をして出かけたり、趣味を兼ねて自衛隊や米軍イベントに行ったりもしています。 ショッピングや、服を見たりするのも好きで、最近は少しメイクにも手を出しています。 カメラも好きです。愛用はSONYAS300、 ライカX1、ライカゾフォート、ロシアのカメラなどを使っています。 男女共に友人を募集しています。
Akane / 27 / Nainen
Hello. My name is Akane. I'm live in Japan. I'm not very good at English but I want to become good at using English. Then, I want a friend of 25-35 year old. My hobbies is watching movies and Anime, reading books, lis
Kaede / 19 / Nainen
Hello☺️ My name is Kaede. I live in Japan. I am a university student now. I can't speak English very much , but I want to talk with the people of many countries😉✨ I'll try my best! I'm looking forward to talking wi
Tina / 17 / Nainen
Hello! My name is Tina! I'm japanese and 17 years old. I want to be able to speak English!!! I want to make friends all over the world. Please feel free to talk to me.  My hobby is reading a comics, reading
りえこ / 37 / Nainen
hi i want to learn english
Yamato / 36 / Mie
hi,my name is yamato I am a man living in Japan. My hobbies are soccer and anime. I want a friend overseas. I am not good at English, but I would appreciate your favor. please send me Line:08145708 gmail:yamato5708
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