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Frederic Julio / 20 /
what's up my name is Eric I'm Indonesian please add my Instagram: Juliofrederic Snapchat : Fredericjulio
ghalib / 39 /
i am looking for an open minded female friend to talk about any thing.
Raiu / 18 /
My dream is to engage in the work of movies and games. I have not made it, but I am very interested in CG. I like drawing. I draw it as a hobby. My favorite movies are Pirates of the Caribbean and Star Wars, Harr
tomo / 27 /
Hi! my name is Tomo. I'm Japanese. I like sports very much!and watching movies too. よかったらお友達なりましょう
신정섭 / 16 /
Hello, My name is Jeong sup. I like japan and USA. I want to make friends to Japanese friends and American friends.
Arice / 31 /
Hello! Nice to meet you. I'm Arice (HN). I'm 31-year-old-female. I live in Japan. I am interested in the world culture, the history and meal. I want to learn foreign cultures and expand my view. I also want to improve
Arianto / 19 /
My name is arianto,i am 17 years old i am from indonesia and i want to reproduce friends from outside my country, if you want to be friends with me please invite id instagram and kakotalk me Id: insta/kakaotalk: arianto
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