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kazuo / 53 / Masculino
I am glad to meet you. I live in Osaka of Japan. I thought that there was an international exchange and registered. Iwant to change information If you are interested in, culture(文化:ぶんか), history(歴史:れきし), language(言語:げ
hanalove123 / 31 / Feminino
Emirados Árabes Unidos
am just a lovely and honest lady am just a lovely and honest lady am just a lovely and honest lady
Thomas lindergaard / 56 / Masculino
I am Thomas lindergaard I'm a captain and i work with Maersk in shipping heavy equipment i am honest and sincere in all my doings and i want to meet with a better version of me here
kskwallace / 45 / Masculino
Hello, I am Serkan from Izmir Turkey.I am 45 years old, I care about love and sharing, I have not had a relationship for a long time, I am a mechanical engineer and I have been doing my own job for 18 years. My area of i
Michelle Gray / 37 / Feminino
Estados Unidos da América
I want to show love so i can get love and care in return. Life is short and precious
Ash / 17 / Feminino
Hi! My name is Akari but I prefer to be called Ash. I'm half Japanese, quarter Mexican and a quarter Filipina. I was born in Australia but moved to the US at age 13. I love writing music and drawing. I want to learn Kore
Orange / 40 / Feminino
Hello, I’m Japanese🇯🇵.   I work at a department store in Tokyo.  I went to UK 10 years ago. Since then, I love UK. I want to go again. I’m interested in UK fashions, City views, nature and music. Especially I’m big fan o
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