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안사ㅜㅜ / 47 / Male
주머니4개있어야하은데 3개뿐 하나없이 앞주머니하나 큰주머니2개 하사진과다른 하나없는가방 ㅅㅂ... 사진이랑너무다르고 넘싸구려티나 ㅡㅡ돈아까워서 그냥 파우치로 써야지짱난다 고객센터도전화한전도안받아 집*ㅁ 이라는곳인데 다시안사ㅡㅡ
Haru / 29 / Female
Hello, my name is Haru. I'm studying English and Spanish. When the coronavirus epidemic is over, I would like to travel abroad. I'm interested in foreign cultures and buildings of historical value. My English a
Jeyri / 23 / Female
Hello. I'm actually a shy person at first and I like jolly person who can makes me laugh,i'm more comfortable with them. I actually like bigger guys cause it's just my type. You can send me an email if you're interested
Masabi / 17 / Male
Hi! I'm Masahiro. I want to talk as many people as possible. Let's talk with me
Eri / 26 / Female
I’m Eri. How are you doing? I live in Japan . Just recently, I started watching YouTube Rupa sensei. He’s  teach to Japanese people of English .  Watch YouTube and study English slowly^_^ E-mail frequency should b
Chika / 40 / Female
Hi!  I’m Chika.  I am curious and interested in many things.  Let's talk:)
Kei Ito / 28 / Male
Hi, I'm Kei! I'm Japanese, and I'm 28 years old. I think, someday I want to live abroad.(Canada, USA, or other country) So I want to be able to speak English, if you can, please teach me English! I want to talk with
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