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ゆうき / 28 / жін.
Hello. I want someone to talk with from time to time.
김인호 / 36 / чол.
Hello, My name is giminho.I live in Incheon, South Korea.I am 36.I look forward to your kind cooperation.Wants dialogue with many friends.
akiaki koike / 28 / жін.
My name is Aki koike. I want to get many friends.
横山輝音 / 18 / чол.
音楽好きです!ギター弾きます🎸 I like music and I play guitar!🎸 星や綺麗な景色が好きです I like to see stars and beautiful view.⭐️
Akira / 60 / чол.
The life is only one time. I would like to spend my life time not to regret. So, I am looking for a healing but exciting mail friend for the rest of my life. Are you interested in visiting something like museum? Do
jugsn / 20 / жін.
我喜欢交朋友,很想学习更多语言,但现实生活比较忙碌,不太能及时回消息,一周保证可以回一次(无意外情况) I like to make friends and would like to learn more languages, but in real life busier, not able to promptly return messages back once a week to ensure (no accidents)
Mpanga / 31 / чол.
iam called mpanga, i live in Uganda and am 31 years old. iam looking for a penpals in all the world. iam handsome and so cute. i do software engineering, iam not married and have no children. iam staying alone. i hav
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