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Hyda-sama / 38 / Male
Hello Penpalpenpal My real name is Hector, but you can call me Hyda I hope this site is really reliable I'd like to meet many friends worldwide Whenever you want, you can contact me via email Thank you ^^
Gen / 26 / Male
I am Gen I want to make foreign friends I can speak only a little English I like anime 日本語と英語で会話したいです 気軽に声かけてください
AK / 20 / Female
こんにちは!AKといいます! 洋楽やアニメ、観光が好きです♡お友達になりましょう♪
Aika / 16 / Female
Hi! I'm Aika. I'm 16. I'd like to study abroad someday and talk with a lot of people. My hobbies are drawing pictures, watching anime, and listening to music. My English is not good, but I would be happy if you could
Itsuki / 17 / Male
こんにちは! 僕の名前はいつきです!僕は日本人ですが今スペインに住んでいて、スペイン語を勉強したいです! また、日本語を教えることもできるから気軽にチャットしてください! Hello! My name is Itsuki! I'm Japanese but I live in Spain now and I want to study Spanish! Also, I can teach you Japanese, so
Hiroki Nemoto / 18 / Male
私は日本の大学生です。将来選択肢を残せるように語 学、特に英語を中心に学習しようと思っています。ま だまだ拙い英語では有りますが優しく見守ってくださ い。 I am a university student in Japan. I'm thinking of learning languages, especially English, so that I can have options in the future. It's s
Akane / 24 / Female
My name is Akane.  I'm single. I'm looking for a pen friend, both male and female, OK.   
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