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masa / 54 / Male
よろしくお願いします。 I want to learn English.
Emmanuel Trinity / 23 / Male
Hello guys... I love to meet new people from all over the world, feel free to send me a text or an email;
Yuuka / 47 / Female
I live in Japan and am a woman who loves to eat delicious food and drink wine and sake. I am raising two children. I don't have much time to work and raise children now, but now that my child has grown up, I'm thinking a
バビル2世 / 53 / Male
初めまして、突然連絡して すみません、 僕は、日本人の男性です、 僕は、自然散策が好きです、 四季の移り変わりが好きです。 僕は、山、川、そして海が好きです。自然の中で、空気はおいしいです、日本の四季は美しいです。 貴女は、自然が、好きですか。 貴女と友人成りたいです、 wechat,cacaoで連絡したいです。
강하늘 / 26 / Female
marco / 46 / Male
Hi, just here to talk, we can talk about daily life, dreams or just the color of the sky :) I know many things about Japan, but I never seen it.
yoyu / 27 / Male
Hello. I'm. from. Japan. I'm looking for new friends who can talk with me for a long time. I do not care your gender, nationality or age. I am learning English, Chinese and Korean.  I have LINE, WhatsApp,Skype and We
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