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suzuna / 14 / Female
RUKA / 16 / Female
私は日本の高校生で、16歳です。 韓国がめっちゃ大好きなので韓国の方と仲良くなりたく、始めました。韓国語は勉強してますが、まだ翻訳機能使ってます
asameshi / 21 / Male
I have girlfriend, but I want to unfaithful! i'm not good at English, I want to talk with you!
s_Ue / 30 / Male
I am Japanese Speaker ,talk little English.I want to Study English because I want to stay abroad . I like watching movie and listening music . I am newbie at computer engineer . I am making my web site. Please Exch
/ 17 / Female
初めまして!私は梓です。日本語を勉強しています。アニメや声優が大好き、皆を知りたいです。私と話ができたら嬉しいです。よろしくお願いします。 Hi!My name is azusa. I want to make friends with someone who can teach me English or Japanese. Talk to me, please!
Masa / 51 / Male
Hello I am "Masa". I am living in Japan. I am working for shipyard as one of designer. I want to make various friends to widen my field of vision including my country. If you are okay, shall we exchange our messages f
aki wakayan / 28 / Female
hi i am aki . i am japanese. i want many friend!
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