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Lee Hui Rin / 18 / Moteri
Hello!! I'm a high student in Korea. I want to make many friends in the world!!! and I want to learn about Japanese♡♡ And I can teach about Korean! Please call me for my email♡♡♡ I will wait you
Clara / 15 / Moteri
Hi! Nice to meet you (^o^) My name is Clara. I'm 15 years old and I'm from France. I like listening music, drawing, read, watching movie, learn languages, take photos, discovering new culture. I want to learn j
TomNed / 25 / Vyra
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Minyoung / 26 / Moteri
Hi, I'd like to learn English by writing letter. I also can teach you Korean. I'm from Korea and my dream is to go to USA for learning education of elementary student. My job is elementary teacher. I'm Christian and i wa
Anisa Mohammed / 15 / Moteri
Hi, my name's Anisa. I am really interested in learning other languages and other cultures too. So far, I have been learning Korean since 2017 but I'm not that far yet! I am a girl who is really into music, especially ko
张杰尼 / 20 / Vyra
Hi,i was born in China.I'm a college student in department of medical.
이재윤 / 12 / Moteri
Hi! My name is Hi My name is Lee Jae Yoon. I like cats and I want to talk to friends from other countries. I would like to talk to friends of different nationalities, but I am having a difficult time speaking because I
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