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Nanase / 19 / Kadın
Hello!  I'm Japanese university students ☺︎  I'm interested in European countries, Asian countries!  Also, I want to travel around world . I hope to make friends with people from many different countries ❁  Please f
Dahlia / 12 / Kadın
Birleşik Devletler
Hi! I am dahlia. I am looking for a pen pal becauseI am trying to learn French. I am not really good at it, but whatever. I live in the United States and am looking for a friend. I am 12 years old but quite mature. I w
윤영권 / 24 / Erkek
はじめまして. 私は日本が大好きで高校生の時からひとりで勉強している韓国の大学生です. 昔から日本人の友達が欲しかったです.メールしていろいろ話して仲良くなりたいって思っています. 日本の旅行は名古屋と大阪へ行ったことがあります.そして今度は7月に日本の旅行を計画中です.まだどこに行くかは決めていませんけど,できればここで友達を作って会いに行くのも楽しいだと考えています.旅行で会うのができなくても私となかよくメールしてくれる友達も
Hinano / 16 / Kadın
Hello!My name is Hinano.I'm from Japan.16 years old. My hobby is Tahitian Dance. This is close to hula🌺 I like eating and sleeping. I can not speak English but I would like to talk. Will you be my penpal friend?🥺💓
ひなの / 16 / Kadın
日本人女性16歳です。 仲良くなれる友達探しています。
Kaori / 42 / Kadın
Birleşik Devletler
Maybe I’m a strange person. If I can find someone who I can enjoy exchanging messages with, If I can find someone who has same feeling, thinking way, or gave me interesting opinions  will be great. I visited mo
dasha / 5 / Kadın
Hi ! Nice to meet you. I want to be friend. I'm kid from Russia. I study Japanese. My mother help me. My name is Dasha. I like to play with my toys , watch cartoons , paint. And I like to color in the coloring book , to
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