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Yücel / 26 / Erkek
Hi My Name İs Yücel. I'am From Turkey.I'Amlittle Know English. I Like Animal. I Have 2 Cat. I'Am Paramedic. I Live İn İstanbul. ALL People Write Me Message. 😊😊
shun / 40 / Erkek
I am Shun,40 years old,pharmacist. I want to improve my English ability. I want to have friends who speak English.
Tomy / 45 / Erkek
I returned from Turkey on business trip! I am not good at English. So I want to make friends to study English while talking about each other's hobbies. And please teach me English. I can teach you Japanese instead.はじめまして
Shizu / 27 / Kadın
I'm Shizu. Iive in Japan,  I'm studying English.  I can't say my English very good,but I still enjoystudying English. I want to make friends with people living over sea. Would you be my language exchange partner
Katie / 44 / Kadın
Hi..I am Katie and single. I love traveling abroad, making friends of foreign. If you are interested in Korea or Korean cultures and send me emil. I will look forward to your email. take care yourself..bye^^
Minyoung / 26 / Kadın
Hi, I'd like to learn English by writing letter. I also can teach you Korean. I'm from Korea and my dream is to go to USA for learning education of elementary student. My job is elementary teacher. I'm Christian and i wa
Anisa Mohammed / 15 / Kadın
Hi, my name's Anisa. I am really interested in learning other languages and other cultures too. So far, I have been learning Korean since 2017 but I'm not that far yet! I am a girl who is really into music, especially ko
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