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Stephanie / 13 / Ženski
Ujedinjeno Kraljevstvo
Hi, I'm 13 years old and is looking for a pen pal. I don't mind where you come from but it would be really cool if you came from a different country. If possible I would like to contact though snail mail or maybe skype?
Minseo / 14 / Muški
Hello! My name is Minseo. I'm from S.Korea. I want to experience and learn  new cultures and languages. And I aslo want to meet many people all around the world and make new friends.☺ I like reading books and watching s
Maria / 20 / Ženski
Heyy i love meeting new cultures so feel free to talk :)
Giulia / 16 / Ženski
Hello everyone! I'm Giulia. I've always been interested in traveling and that's why I'd like to talk to a lot of people all over the world. I'm interested particularly in Japan and South Korea.
Godfrey Page / 20 / Muški
Need friends who mail me,feel free Am interesting in travelling.
Rick / 20 / Muški
Nice to meet you. I'm Rick, 21, living in korea. Lots of people are having hard time pronouncing my korean name. So I'm using the name "Rick" I'm really interested in English and have lots of active hobbies. I'm inter
Francesca / 20 / Ženski
I'm Francesca, 20 yo from Italy. I have a big passion for east Asian countries, especially Japan, Korea, China, Thailand, Vietnam etc. In my free time I'm a taekwondo practitioner and like drawing. I hope I can make frie
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