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中田 / 23 / Muški
Pepi Kalima / 20 / Ženski
Hi I'm Pepi. I want to make a friend with all you guys. contact me :) kakao: pepikalima insta: pepikalima
Troy J. Merck #118167 / 45 / Muški
I'm a man living on death row in Florida, USA. More than 20 years of my life I'm locked up now. I'm looking for penpals from all over the world. I'm interested in people, cultures, habits, politics, etc. Why peop
Tonym / 67 / Muški
Novi Zeland
I am a man of faith. I Am a Soldier in The Salvation Army,my roll is Pastoral Care, Hotel Ministry., Rest Home Ministry And Maori Ministry.I also spend time visiting the old people and the sick the needy and the homeless
yoshii / 14 / Muški
韓国語や英語を話せるようになりたいです! 日本語を教えることができます 気軽にメールください!
신경은 / 18 / Ženski
Hello nice to meet you I want to make a lot of friend and I am a korean 18 girl feel freely to send me e-mail I'll wait~
Faby / 24 / Ženski
I want to meet some body that can help me knows Japan 🇯🇵 
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