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Takahide Morishita / 45 / Мъж
I want to make friends on penpal. Could you please access me if you have same situation with me.
Suzuna / 19 / Жена
Hello, I’m Suzuna. I’m studying English and literature in Japan. I like playing tennis and playing game ex:Pokémon and  I want to make good relationships in English. Please teach me about your country and your life!
dana kim / 17 / Жена
I'm korean, but I can speak english. I want to make foreigner friends. I am living in philippines for studying thankyou!!
Sakura Yamashita / 14 / Жена
Hi,my name is Sakura Yamashita. I’m 13 years old.I will soon be 14 years old.I want to talk to about 12-16 people. I’m junior high school student in Japan. I’m in the brass band club. I play the saxophone. I can play t
EMI / 58 / Жена
Hello,I am a housewife,58 years old. And I do a part-time job. My hobby are trip, go to a Shinto shrine and the temple for worship. And it is that I go to a live concert of the music and to eat a delicious thing with a
Hiroka / 14 / Жена
Hello! I am 13 years old. Please call me Hiroka. I'm not good at English, so I want a friend who can speak English. I love watching movies and I love Star Wars the most. I also like reading and playing the piano. Let's
Leo Wang / 18 / Мъж
My name is Leo Wang,and I am from China,and I only can speak Chinese,it is my disadvantage,I am so sorry about this. I like sports,but some of sports is strange for me.It means I have some change can learn new sports,it
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