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patricia / 42 / Γυναίκα
Ηνωμένες Πολιτείες
my name is PATRICIA please write through my private email [ ] i have something important to discuss with you through email,,,,,
TAESAM JEONG / 45 / Άνδρας
I like to travel. I want to experience the culture of many countries. I want to know about and share information about the countries I visited. I am using a translator. I am sorry. My email address is
우효문 / 20 / Άνδρας
始めまして! 世界中のいろんな人と話したいです! よろしくお願いします
Zehra Betül / 17 / Γυναίκα
Hello! My name is Zehra Betül. I live in Turkey. I want to make new friends. I like learn new languages and new cultures! If you want to be my friend, you send me message!
Caroline / 39 / Γυναίκα
Hej Caroline 39 år gammal. Söker vänner.
Yuto / 21 / Άνδρας
How do you do? The name is with Yuto! Work is navy. Japanese study and Japanese sightseeing are followed up. You teach me English, please.
Yuto / 17 / Άνδρας
Hi! I'm interested in talking with foreigners.
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