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佐藤 / 53 / Erkek
はじめまして 日本在住の日本人です。 あなたのお国の事を少しでも教えて貰えませんか? お互いの文化などお話出来れば嬉しいです。
Pop / 59 / Erkek
Birleşik Krallık
I have retired from work, well travelled, love to explore, enjoy new and exciting things and meeting new people, would like to go travelling with a new friend, any age up to 50, from wherever. Prefer to travel to places
YUSEON / 27 / Kadın
初めまして 私は韓国住んでいる人です。 韓国語を勉強している日本人の友達がほしいです! メールもいいし、手紙もいいと思います。 おたがいにべんきょうしたらいいですね。
Kotaro / 14 / Erkek
Hello! I’m Kotaro. I want to talk to someone who speaks English. Please talk to me.
Mmm / 16 / Kadın
Hi!My name is moeka! I like KーPOP!! I want to speak English🤗 Please teach me English!! I will teach Japanese😍 Please send me an Email👌👌
kaniati1 / 35 / Kadın
Birleşik Krallık
I'm Kaniati i came across your profile from this site and i would like to know more about you and hopefully make good acquittance with you,i wait for your response in my email box rohayatikaniatihar
nanamilk / 38 / Kadın
Hi.Nice to meet you.  I love traveling and watching movies and lisen to music and playing with rabbit.  I cannot speak English. But i want to be able to speak English.   And I want to interact with people from ot
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