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Taka / 50 / Мъж
Nice to meet you, I am a married firefighter named Takashi who lives in Japan. I registered because I wanted wonderful friends from various countries. I would like to deepen exchanges and get along with people who are
フランク / 36 / Мъж
tuntuntun / 29 / Жена
初めまして。海外の方と交流したく、こちらに登録しました。日常の会話などを通して、語学の勉強も出来たら良いです。長く付き合えると良いなぁと思います。よろしくお願いします。Nice to meet you. I registered here because I want to interact with people from overseas. It would be great if I could study a language
Rhoda / 33 / Жена
Hi looking for a good friend to meet. Am from Ghana and looking forward to hearing from you soon.
Jokertr / 30 / Мъж
Her dili öğrenmek istiyorum,Türk'um yardımcı olacak bayanlara şimdiden teşekkür ediyorum
Ren / 36 / Жена
Hey, did you know that the best way to learn a language is to fall in love with a person from that country? (*^^)v Is there anyone who can make me crazy enough to want to learn a language like a maiden in love? (*^^) !
まな / 27 / Жена
はじめまして! 日本に住む27歳女です。 文通して下さる方を募集します! 日本語で文通してもらえる方。 海外に興味があるので 英語を勉強しようと思っています。 パスポートも取りました⭐︎
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