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차민서 / 17 / Mujer
Corea del Sur
안녕하세요:) 차민서입니다! 영어 공부도 하고 외국인 친구도 사귈 겸 펜팔 하게 됐어요:) 전 여행다니는 것을 좋아하구, 영화나 드라마 보거나 노래 듣는 것 좋아해요 ^^ 같이 펜팔 할 좋은 친구 구해요 /// Hi, I'm Minseo Cha! I penpal to make foreign friends and learn English! I love travelling and watc
리마 / 18 / Mujer
Corea del Sur
こんにちは、日本のアニメを好きな01年生まれ韓国高等学生です。 日本語が下手だから翻訳機を使用します。 よろしくお願いします。^0^
Miks / 40 / Mujer
Hello.I'm Mika.I was born and live in Japan.I am studying English and German.I want to improve them.Please Give Me e-mail.I want be friends with other country's people. Ich heisse Mika.Ich bin Japanerin.Ich lernen Deuts
Guyonne / 31 / Mujer
Países Bajos
I am looking for someone who has a great sense of humor and big heart,some one curious about new things that would like to share new experiences or old habits ..I saw your ad penpalsnow and i want to say Hi to you...writ
Ken / 26 / Hombre
=English= Hey, I'm Ken from Japan. I'm an artist and I create many arts especially novels and poems. Also I love weight training and creating computer games. You can see my muscles on my profile picture if you want. I
REO / 21 / Hombre
Nice to meet you! I am a college student He is a former soldier. Please male and female. My hobby is reading and surfing snowboarding
HARUKI / 31 / Hombre
プロフィール見て頂きありがとうございますー!まだ登録したばかりで不慣れなもので、ちょっと緊張してます。 笑 旅行が好きな為これから色々語学を勉強していきたいので、外国人の方と交流したいです! 日本語なら教えられます!笑 どうぞ仲良くなりましょう カラオケでは三代目JSB、米津玄師、BTS、EXIEL、AAA、他V系とか唄います 日本では趣味でアーティスト活動しています!定期的にライブ出演してます! Thank you fo
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