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halima / 25 / Weiblich
Libysch-Arabische Dschamahirija
I am a young, healthy female who is looking for someone to share my interest with. My biggest hobby is exercise so I work out at least 3 or 4 times a week and this is how I stay fit. During weekends, I often go to nearby
MONE / 16 / Weiblich
I want to learn Swedish or Norwegian from zero.  I like other countries history.  I can’t use good English, but I want to make friends. 
Louise / 51 / Weiblich
Married mum and grandma to 4 beautiful humans ! Dog and cat mum  love to travel , read , write letters , cook , sew and watch TV 
aiko_y / 44 / Weiblich
私はまだ日本語しか話せませんが、何気ない会話を楽しみたく登録しました。 日本語を勉強中の海外の方と友達になりたいです。 京都の出身で、アート系の仕事をしています。 写真は仕事帰りに見た二重の虹です。
Rahatul Alam Rumi / 21 / Männlich
Hey!You can call me Rahat.I am new athis.I am bad at expressing myself.So how am i?I am basically a very rich person trapped inside in a poor handsome kid's body. So,about me... I am an an Astrophile,Selenophile,Nephop
Steven Lim Lh / 52 / Männlich
Hello, i find female friend or date... I am English Lecturer...
かたやま / 20 / Männlich
Hello! I am katayama from Japan. I want to interact with people from various countries. I'm still learning English. My occupation is transportation. I especially like traveling and driving.
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