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Mai / 25 /
I’m Mai. 25 years old. I live in Tokyo,Japan. I’m currently studying English on my own. But I only understand English a little bit. So I want friends from foreign countries. E-mailing is more commonplace now but, I p
성승현 / 40 /
안녕하세요^^ 저의 이름은 승현입니다^^ㅎㅎ 서울에 살고 있어요 좋은 친구가 되고 싶어요^^
ゆーた / 30 /
はじめまして、今年30歳になります お酒と映画鑑賞がすきです お互いに言語や文化交換できたら嬉しいです 楽しく会話やご飯も行けたら嬉しいです 気軽に連絡待ってます
yatarou / 20 /
hi! im 3rd university student. im searching for friend without anxious. music, movie,fashion, etc… i love traveling. so someday i wanna trip around the world! so i wanna find who can travel with me. if u know Japa
Anjar Rahmawati / 19 /
I am Anjar, Indonesian I want to share my daily life and culture, feel free to leave a message
Nuno / 38 /
I am Nuno,Portuguese, 38,living and working in the United Kingdom. I have decided to post an advert here, as I am looking for honest genuine, trustworthy people for a great friendship. I enjoy reading books about
Jasper / 16 /
My name is Ahmet I'm 16 I'm from turkey I like football,music,film I'm a friendly person, it's nice to meet new people
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