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Kazutaka / 31 / Masculino
Hello,I'm KazutakaSato. I'm from Japan. If you like, please send me a letter or email. Thank you!!!
mahuyu / 13 / Feminino
Hi! I'm a junior high school sophomore in Japan. I want friends from different countries. I don't care about gender. I can speak English and Spanish a little. -Favorite things and hobbies- music(Kenshi Yonezu, voca
Daijyu / 21 / Masculino
Hi my name is Daijyu. I’m Japanese and I’m 21 years old.  I’m looking for foreign friend. If you are good  Would you be friend with me?
Richard / 40 / Masculino
Reino Unido
손진갑 / 43 / Masculino
안녕하세요 저는손진갑입니다 43살이며 노총각 이며 결혼할 여성 찾습니다. 제 취미는 인터넷 펜팔 /편지(메일) 쓰기 입니다 이제는 안합니다 이젠 네이버 인터넷 친구카페 찾기보다 현실 친구 찾아요,
Atsushi Misawa / 50 / Masculino
Hi,I’m Atsushi . I would like to make friends all over the world.
Kentaro / 37 / Masculino
Hello! My name is Kentaro! I'm an English teacher in JAPAN.  I teach high school students grammar and reading. However, to be honest, I'm not good at speaking and listening. So, I want to learn live English. In retu
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