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Lim JuHyeon / 20 / Ženski
Hi there, nice to meet you :) My name is JuHyeon and I love traveling other countries. I recently went to countries in asia and europe. I can speak korean and english and know few words in japanese and chinese. I'm now i
Paola / 24 / Ženski
Maestro, roll the intro: Nice to meet you all. I'm Paola, but you can call me Pigi; I come from a beautiful island called Sardinia, in Italy. I'm a language student, wannabe teacher and a dancer (not professionally
Lee / 12 / Ženski
Hello, my nickname is Lee, I want to know other countries culture and language. l can speak Korean, bit of English, and Japanese and i learning German, Esperanto, Chinese I play some trumpet.  Anybody want talking to
강아름 / 15 / Ženski
Hello, my name is Ahreum Kang I'm learning Japanese
김강민 / 23 / Muški
안녕하세요.  대한민국에 살고있는 대학생입니다. 일본 영화를 즐겨 보다가 일본어에 흥미가 생겨서 일본어 공부를 최근에 시작했습니다. 언어교환을 통해 더 많이 알고, 또 일본 문화또한 많이 알고 싶습니다.
Masamune Negishi / 18 / Muški
Hi,I'm Masamune. I 'm Japanese.I like studying human science. So,I would like to study English and German to go abroad.
İremnur / 15 / Ženski
Hi, I'm Irem and i'm Turkish. I'm 15 years old and i'm high school student. I want to learn english. But if you want learn turkish i'll help you. Alsa i'm interesting k-pop and korean culture.
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