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뎁비 / 18 / Ženski
안녕하세요 I'm Devi. I will reply to your message :)
yatamaru / 19 / Muški
thank you watching my profile i wanna make friend all over the word i'm interested in foreign culture and someday i want to go abroad i improve my English skill i like music, for example, ONE OK ROCK、oasis, an
Choi Hojae / 20 / Muški
こんにちは!日本に関心が多い韓国人です!日本語、文化、食べ物について知りたいことも多く、日常と礼儀などが知りたいです。 来年7~8月旅行の予定ですが、旅行コースのようなものも推薦していただければありがたいです お互いに趣味が似ているなら、趣味の共有もしたいです。 そしたらラインにメッセージをやり取りしながらなると思います。 翻訳機を使用中ですが、日本語も一緒に勉強中なので日本語関連して助けをいただければありがたいです! いい一日
Nabila / 19 / Ženski
hi i'm nabila, i'm 19 years old. I'm from indonesia. i'd like to meet new people and learn new language. I can teach you how to speak indonesia or you can teach me your language. I have line and kakaotalk. Let's be fri
Nori / 29 / Muški
My name is Nori! I am from Tokyo in Japan and I am still living in Tokyo. I am studying English for foreign friends. Please feel free to mail me. I have LINE!
Sarati / 23 / Ženski
I am a very simple lady with a dip sense of humor
Fredo / 36 / Muški
Hello! こんにちは皆さん。I'm French and I work in chemistry field. I'm passionate about Japan and its culture. I also enjoy taking photos (mostly landscapes and nature), listening to various kinds of music, especially J-pop/J-roc
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