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momtaz / 50 / Muški
honest man, serious i'm 60yrs i m loking practess laguage knowing aébout vother civilisation exchange gift and traditionals things
Ka / 44 / Ženski
Hello. I would like to improve my English. Please exchange languages.
Frisylaa / 15 / Ženski
I want Korean long term best friends^~^ I have Insta, Kakao, LINE, and WhatsApp.
jamal / 50 / Muški
My name is Mr.Jamal i am singleman my tall is 1,70 wight 60kg i like friendship from around the world the aged from 20up to 70 . My email is:
aisa / 30 / Ženski
I am nice and easy going person who like to be so close o people at all the time, i like traveling and making new friends
김려원 / 12 / Ženski
안녕하세요^^저는 12살이에요❤ 손편지로 펜팔 하고싶어요. 노래와 춤을 좋아합니다. 피아노도 잘 쳐요❤ 만나서 반가워요:]  
yoon jiye / 25 / Ženski
おはようございます yoonjiyeと申します。 韓国に住んでいて日本にとても関心が多いです。 プリトキングド可能たらお互いに良い友達お願いします。 どうぞよろしくお願いします。
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